Thursday, 13 December 2007


Ross Burt said...

hahaha, OH MY DAYZ!, quality. Never heard kids say that myself, but i'll keep my ears open. Probably just gettin old :)

Great doodles, some fun stuff, love the banksy getting wased away...thanks for the comments, tshirt seems to be going well over at threadless, but u never can tell until the score comes through, so we'll see if it's gonna get printed in the next few days...if so i'll give u a shout.

Hope the painting is going well mate, i pop over to your other blog occassionally and i am always in awe of the quality, some fantatsic work, our obviously enjoying it there. Hope 2008 is rockin so far, and hopefuly see u soon some time


Fred Studart said...

Excellent doodles man.
Very funny stuff. You really should think about creating some characters and write some regular cartoon.